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Re: Great pictures of Green Flashes

agreed Capt.! I too was looking for such pics.
Have only experienced one explosive horizon-filling
up into the clouds FLASH down on Grand Cayman.
IT was heart-stopping and Wonderful!!
Now I just keep waiting.

I've been lucky enough to see it twice. Oddly enough in the same spot. (Not in Eleuthera) It's so impressive and fast, that if there had not been others there to see it as well, I don't think anybody would have believed me if I tried to describe it to them.

Some where on the net years ago I did see picture of the "big daddy" flash. I'll see if I can find them again.

Re: Great pictures of Green Flashes

Hi Capt.,
The only such photo I've ever seen is on the wall
in the Green Flash restaurant, on Pacific Beach in
SanDiego county, just south of LaJolla, CA.
And you're 100% right, there is NO explaining what
you've seen & experienced!