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Trip Report, Cupid's Cay, Apr 4 to Apr 11

I just got back from an absolutely wonderful week on Eleuthera, and I'm already planning how I can get back next year. On to the details:

We arrived on Apr 4 to GHB on a Twin Air flight from Ft. Lauderdale. I arranged to rent a van through Tommy Pinder, and one of his associates met us with the van, which worked out great for our party of 6. We headed to our house (a pink house on Cupid's Cay which was absolutely great) to drop off our bags, then headed out to pick up some groceries from Burrow's and some beer. We found things were sort of randomly expensive -- a gallon of milk was over $7, a 24-case of Kalik's was about $35, but a big bottle of Bacardi was $10.75. Later on in the trip, we decided that we preferred grocery shopping at the Shell station. Then back to the house to relax and watch the sunset, make a dent in the Kalik's, then went to Sunset Inn for dinner. The food was just okay (though the conch salad was great) -- perhaps could be blamed on the persistent brownouts that kept happening that night! What a welcome to the island!

Sun morning we discovered the GHB bakery, to which we made daily visits. Cinnamon/sugar donuts and cinnamon rolls to die for! Then we headed out to Club Med/French Leave beach -- such a spectacular location. We went to the beach a few times, and for some reason, were always guaranteed gorgeous weather there! Got out of the sun with afternoon drinks (amazing mojitos and pina coladas) at The Beach House -- a beautiful spot. Then we headed to Capt Jack's pig roast -- we didn't take part in the roast, but really enjoyed the outdoor bar and live music. That night, we headed back to the house and grilled steaks we bought at Burrow's the night before.

Mon morning we headed to Alabaster Bay/Receiver's Beach -- a gorgeous beach with tons of sanddollars and starfish. The calm water stays shallow for some distance off shore, so it was easy to relax on a dune with the water lapping by. Got out of the sun with some drinks at Cocodimama -- another beautiful spot. Had dinner at Tippy's that night, which was delicious. It seems as though everyone says Tippy's is expensive -- we spent about $100 per couple (incl an app, entrees, and several drinks), which didn't seem overly crazy to me given that the food was great and the atmosphere was beautiful. Had a few after dinner drinks at Ronnie's.

Tues was sort of a bust due to the weather -- we attempted to go to Unique Village Beach (hoping to conitnue our afternoon beach drinks theme) but it was just too cold and windy to be out there. We took a quick tour around N and S Palmetto point, then spent the day back at the house reading and napping. We did brave the weather to go back into town to pick up some fresh grouper from the fishermen at the dock in GHB -- and was it ever DELISH!!

Wed we went to Airport Beach, another great beach which stretches for miles and is great for walking. On the way back home, we picked up a hitchiker and gave him a lift into town -- he was a very nice man and I was surprised at how ordinary the whole incident seemed (he needs a ride, we have a car, we should give him one, of course). We had a wonderful tapas dinner at The Beach House, which I highly recommend.

Thurs we spent a long day in the sun at our favorite beach -- Club Med. Then we had happy hour and some snacks at a great place called the Buccaneer Club. I hadn't read too much about it before the trip, and I'm not sure why -- their food is great and affordable, and they've got a huge porch in the shade of a giant tree, which makes for a very relaxing happy hour! That night we went to the Fish Fry in GHB (moved frm it's usual Fri night because of Good Friday) and had the BEST time!!! Wonderful food, great chance to talk to the locals, dance to some music, just don't drink too many Rum Bubbas!!! (the next morning we wished we had heeded the locals' warning)

Fri morning we had to take 2 of our group up to ELH for their flight. On the way back we stopped at Pam's Island Made in Gregory Town and got some really creative souvenirs -- her shop is very well organzized, and she had a far better selection of anything we'd seen in GHB. We also stopped in James Cistern at Rosy's bakery -- when they say its in her house, I guess I didn't realize how literal that was!!! The door was open so we walked in. After calling out several times, her granddaughter finally appeared from a bedroom (I think she had been in the shower) and graciously helped us, explaining that Rosy was at church. We had burgers and fries for lunch at Buccaneer Club (helped with the Fish Fry hangover!), then headed back to Club Med beach for a few hours. Had dinner at Capt Jack's, which was all around delish -- amazing lobster tail and mahimahi.

Sat we sadly had to leave, so we snuck in a few more hrs of sun that morning at Club Med beach, then headed to GHB airport for our 3:00 pm Twin Air flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Which turned into more of a 3:40 pm flight with a stop at ELH before getting to Ft. L! Luckily we made our flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, with about 1 minute to spare. I figured it wouldn't be a trip to the Bahamas without some hiccup on our flights.

All in all, it was just a wonderful, wonderful trip. The island is positively gorgeous, the locals were very friendly, and being on "island time" is just sooooo darn relaxing. I would love to make this a yearly trip. A few other bits of info: my verizon cell phone did work in GHB, gas was about $3.86/gallon, and we didn't find the bugs particularly bothersome. We all ended up with a few bites here and there, but we all sprayed ourselves with deet at night and it seemed to do the trick. The one thing I was not prepared for was how cold it was at night -- it was rather windy a few nights (which also helped with the bugs), which made it quite cold. Nothing a light sweater couldn't handle. Happy travels to anyone traveling there soon!

Re: Trip Report, Cupid's Cay, Apr 4 to Apr 11

Awesome trip report! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it. My husband and I would also like to make a yearly trip to Eleuthera. Ahhhhh bliss, isn't it?