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New Forum Update

We are committed to making a move to another Newsgroup Provider, which should happen in the next few days.

The new format will require registration, which just takes a minute or two and gives you the option to put your picture up, and create a profile.

It is a new format for me too, but from what I can see, it allows you to upload photos directly to your profile page, and allows uploading of videos.

It also allows you to IM other members of the New Eleuthera Community, without posting, which can be a great advantage.

There will be a learning curve for everyone, including me, but, overall, I think it will be an improvement over this **** new format, to which the provider seems to be committed. since they won't answer my emails.

Will update when we will change, but it should occur this week.


Re: New Forum Update

Some people might not want to list their name on a post... or is the registration only for JB and its private

Re: New Forum Update

No, you don't have to give your name, etc, if you don't want to, and can remain anonymous.

Just make up a name, like "New Forum Seeker" and you can put a picture up, if you want, of anything within reason, and your email will be kept private, and will be accessible to only me.

The email address will not be given to anyone. But you need a valid one, to be able to register, etc.

To see a similar board, which will be similar to the new one, other than design, go to


You can see that lots of people do not put their picture up in their profile page, and use anonymous names.


Re: New Forum Update

the only reason why persons do not want to register is so that they can slander others with impunity,
I absolutely support the need for registration,and those who dont want to can post on another forum.
this board has gotten totally out of hand which is why the Chinese blocked Google and Yahoo,no accountability,

Re: New Forum Update

Yes I agree there are some that are nasty and maybe that will stop it but there are other people that just dont want to give out their name.. If JB is the only one i think thats fine.