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New format Firefox work-around

Here is a work-around.....

Paste this address into a new tab in Firefox:


This will take you to Adobe's download page for Flashplayer for Firefox, Safari and Opera (very slowly when I tried this even with broadband! So be patient!)

Click on 'Download now'

When the 'Downloads' pop-up window appears double-click on 'install_flash_player.exe'

You will receive a warning about launching 'exe' files....Click on 'Ok'

Now click on 'Run' in the next pop-up

You will be told to close Firefox.....do so, including the small pop-up which is still on-screen

When Flashplayer install is complete click on 'Close'

Re-open Firefox and 'Voila' you will be able to view the board......and it is still in the old format!

How good is that?

Thanks not necessary....just set up a tab for me at Elvina's!

Re: New format Firefox work-around

gotta fix for OS X?

Re: New format Firefox work-around

Sadly, despite the obvious advantages and benefits of Macs over Windows pc's, I am stuck with Bill Gates' spawn so I'm afraid i am not the one to help you with that.

"In a world without walls and fences who needs Windows and Gates?"