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Puppies need home...

Neighbor's dog had 7 puppies about 2 weeks ago. They are adorable. I'd like to find them homes so they don't end up wandering the settlement forraging for food in the dump. Any takers? I have pix I can email.

Re: Puppies need home...

hey put them up at

and ask someone from pet pals. like joan carroll or barbara frost or dianne whampler.

just mail them at the potcake net email. someone will help you out i hope
but they are too young. leave them with their mum till 3 month old, at least 10 weeks.

Re: Puppies need home...

hey are there any more puppies left... where can i go to get them? can u describe them for me?

Re: Puppies need home...

There are 7 puppies. They still are about 2 weeks from leaving mama. They are starting to chew on solid food. Brief description:
1 solid white
1 white with round dark spot over one eye - one blue eye and one brown
2 look like rottweilers - beautiful markings
2 look like huskies - cream colored with white muzzles and dark ears
I have pictures I can email you if you provide email address