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Re: Re: D.I.F.????

OK I;ll bite. What the heck is D.I.F.?

a nurse daughter having a man in her parents house

it a shame how these children bring their parents down to disgrace.
a little school girl who was sleeping with a much older man than her,end up with a boy who had two of her cousins 1 who was pregnant and threw away a baby for the boy uncle and the next who was pregnat for him.
she open the door and let the boy in but he end up going in the wrong room whoring ******
then to my understanding the girl father was rush to the clinic but what the nurse **** with people in her area for, i dare her to say something naw she bad
maybe he had already been there for the week

Re: D.I.F.????

I am so confused..

Re: Re: D.I.F.????

who put the bop in the bop shoe up shoe up.

Who put the dang in the dang a lang a ding dong?


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Re: Re: Re: Re: D.I.F.????

yeah. Still, what the heck is D.I.F.?