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Day Trip to Briland??


I want to take a friend and enjoy a day in "Briland" during my visit. Can you guys please tell me what are the best things to do there?Including places to eat (more casual dining nothing to fancy) activities, where we can rent a golf cart etc

I am totally clueless so any help would be greatly appreciated. Tell me what YOUR perfect day in Briland would be like from start to finish.. I would love to get some great ideas to make the most of my day there. By the way, it will most likely be a weekday when we go over if that makes any difference!

Thank you so much!

Re: Day Trip to Briland??

rent a golf cart at the docks upon arriving at the water taxi. browse some of the shops. get a nice straw hat for cheap. have lunch at sip sip. wander around some of the posher hotels a bit (I like the gardens at Pink Sands) or have afternoon tea there. Walk the beach. Swim a bit. RELAX.

Re: Day Trip to Briland??

Rent a golf cart and see the sights and shops. Be sure to head down to the north end of the island to see how the other 1/3,000,000 live.

Lunch at the Blue Bar at Pink Sands or the Rock House, if they still serve lunch to non-guests. (Yeah I know, not funky but still fun places.)

Hit the beach a bit. Maybe ride the horses.

Then some sunset drinks at Hammerheads, or Valentine's. Moving on over to Vicum and Gusty's later. With some BBQ and mac & cheese from Brian's thrown in.

After all that catch a late water taxi over to 3 Island Dock with a stop at the bar there for a roady or 2.

And then on the road home with as many stops as you can handle in between.

Once home toss a Kalik cap to see whether your going to hit the water for some skinny dipping or the caves for some drunken exploring.

Then back home where finally as the sun comes up you have time for one quick double Bloody Mary, 2 multi vitamins, and hand full of aspirin, a Vicodin and a greasy breakfast before hitting the sack.

Re: Re: Day Trip to Briland??

wow, the Captain let the monkey off his back to chat a bit.

Yes, I agree totally with his advice.

But, I think you should hit the many bars they have very early. They don't give DUI's for driving drunken on those golf carts.

I suggest you get loaded first.

Then weave and bob at the tourists, with the golf cart.

Yell, "Tally Hooo" just before you smack them, and weave them out of danger.

Then go to Moma Cheeseburge, Ma Ruby. She brags she has made cheese burgers for Jimmy Buffet, but I don't know. All I know it the beer is cold.

Then hit the beach. Toss your shorts, and tell the many onlookers you thought it was a nude beach.

It is not, but what the hell, you are on a roll.

Then put you shorts back on, and take a nap.

Then drink about 12 Kaliks, and browse the town in your golf cart. Keep trying to hit the tourist, and remember, "Tally Hooo". You won't get arrested if you have a good story.

Head to seagrapes, and drunken dance before the crowds hits the place. Propositon a few black babes.

Then hit the sack.

Repeat the next day.


Re: Day Trip to Briland??

When choosing a day to go, keep in mind that many of the retail shops close on Wednesday afternoons.

Re: Day Trip to Briland??

if you've noticed, there's one thing in common: rent a golf cart. You can reserve one in advance. I've had problems getting one in the past, but then the only time I go to Briland is for their jankanoo.