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Re: electric

Does it have to be hooked up in the back of the TV...

Do you want rentors starting to hook up things on yr TV and with all the surges?????

Re: electric

I'm sure many of you already know this but for those of you who might have built new on the island and have little history with BEC, here are a few things to consider. Those surge protector strips....their effectiveness diminishes with age, even faster with the inconsistencies in the current...I now replace mine annually. Whole house surge protectors are better but they too need to be replaced every couple of years, quicker if you are renting out your home and the power is on continuously. Proportionately they aren't that expensive when compared against having to replace a refrigerator or even a microwave. They are easy to install and replace (this should be done by an electrician). After years and years of living with power surges and thousands of dollars of destroyed appliances, electronics, light fixtures, ceiling fans, I've also started using a Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) on the more sensitive equipment such as TV's, Receivers, Computers, etc. This protects against surges as well as brown outs which are very damaging to sensitive electronics. A lesson learned regarding televisions and refrigerators, the older TV sets (say over 10 years old) aren't as sensitive to our fluky power. We have one that is probably pushing 20 years old and it is still kicking, no matter what BEC throws at it! The newer TV (make that TV's) that we've brought down, get fried on a fairly regular basis and become landfill quickly. The older refrigerators are the same way, while not energy efficient, they just keep on running.

Invest in a couple of larger UPS units, send them over if you are doing a shipment from the states or see if someone can order them for you on the island. Expect to spend about 200.00 in the states but well worth the expense.

Be somewhat relentless with BEC if you are having several power surges or brown-outs. The transformers along the roads also are subject to premature aging from the elements and there are tests they can do but they arent' going to do it unless someone "encourages" them. Once an electronic is fried by BEC's inconsistent power, there really isn't much that can be done.

So to answer your question about your X-box.... I know what it is since my son has one so if I had to hazard a guess... you might need a new one unfortunately.

Re: electric

Sorry to differ with you but you have not done your homework on surge protectors or maybe you just have a cheap 'whole house" protector that you feel needs to be replaced.
If you spend a few dollars on a good quality Whole House surge protector like a Joslyn( top of the line -Aproxx cost $800.00 ) you never have a replacement issue nor any fried appliances.
I have been on the island for over 10 years and never have had to replace one appliance or TV due to brown outs or surges with BEC.

Re: Re: electric

thanks to both you guys for you great input about electric on eleuthera.


Re: Re: Re: electric

We also have a whole house surge protector for over 8 years, was $$$ but never have any problem however, we did lose a computer modem due to the surge coming throught the phone line, I never thought of that but know now.Don't they have phone line surge protectors.

Re: electric

You can buy a combination phone, computer and cable surge suppressor unit.

Re: Re: electric

what i really wanted to know does the x box require to mess with the Tv re wires...

Do I want someone to rent the house and start to put in the Xbox.... with all the electrical problems.. the receiver might go... so then they might get mad.. any ideas..

Re: Re: Re: electric

How has the electric problem been in the past 2-3 months and the summer it might be more????? ...Been many black outs????

Re: Re: Re: Re: electric

Just buy this:

And you can stay home where you don't have to worry about power issues.

Re: electric

I'd have to say that anyone who's that stressed out over an X-Box really shouldn't stray far from his parents' basement ... and *definitely* not to Eleuthera!