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Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

Dolce Vita in Palmetto Point also serves lionfish. It is an excellent fish.

Re: Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

In an article they said the Sip Sip in Harbour Island serves it also.. I wonder if we can get the recipy to present at the conference "the Invasion of Lionfish" April 15...at the U OF M.

and how to clean and skin it???

Re: Re: Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

E mail address for the sip sip???

Mojo Man

Maurice the Mojo man batters them in pancake batter and deep frys them. TASTES LIKE CHICKEN ! You gotta love that video of his. He serves them w/ lots of Kalik so they taste even better. I think all lionfish taste like crap, but with beer his lionfish indeed taste like chicken, but so does Cookoo Soup after enough kaliks YUCK!

Re: Mojo Man

Have you tasted Lionfish or is this yr normal 2 cents of crap.. No answewr please...

Re: Mojo Man

They are trying to help in the invasion of lionfish to Eleuthera and make it good to eat... and you put yr negative on it AGAIN..