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Conferance april 15 Uof M

Hi I am looking for a recipy for lionfish and how to prepare it the right way re skinning it to not get hurt.. What is the name of the retaurant in Harbor Island that serves them and I hear they taste very good

I want to pass it on at the Conference... They are invading the Florida Keys..

Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

I also heard that a restaurant serves Lionfish on Harbor Island anyone know the name???????

Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

Dolce Vita in Palmetto Point also serves lionfish. It is an excellent fish.

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In an article they said the Sip Sip in Harbour Island serves it also.. I wonder if we can get the recipy to present at the conference "the Invasion of Lionfish" April 15...at the U OF M.

and how to clean and skin it???

Re: Re: Re: Conferance april 15 Uof M

E mail address for the sip sip???

Mojo Man

Maurice the Mojo man batters them in pancake batter and deep frys them. TASTES LIKE CHICKEN ! You gotta love that video of his. He serves them w/ lots of Kalik so they taste even better. I think all lionfish taste like crap, but with beer his lionfish indeed taste like chicken, but so does Cookoo Soup after enough kaliks YUCK!

Re: Mojo Man

Have you tasted Lionfish or is this yr normal 2 cents of crap.. No answewr please...

Re: Mojo Man

They are trying to help in the invasion of lionfish to Eleuthera and make it good to eat... and you put yr negative on it AGAIN..