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It's usually not the Bahamians

It's typically not the Bahamians that use baiting tactics on this board or stoop to nastiness (unless its about the local beauty pageants - that really gets some people riled up). Most of the rude comments come from non-Bahamians. Don't let the rudeness on this site in any way reflect the good people of Eleuthera. They have too much dignity to lower themselves to rakin scraper's level.

Re: It's usually not the Bahamians

Too bad we dont have like a white out to white her off the screen..

Re: Need advice

Having established that Canadians are basically wonderful folks who have a tendency to be just a tad thrifty, I formally move that we close out this thread.

All in favor say "Aye."

Re: Re: Need advice

Here, Here! Canadians can't take a joke Even after I admit it was just a joke, they keep on believing it.

Re: Re: Re: Need advice

just STOP.. we really dont want to hear from you....