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Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

Responding to: we all need to assist with this ,this is a biggie.

Lloyd what can we do to assist your efforts? As a non-bahamian home owner does our opinion help/matter...what actions or support can we take?

Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

hear, hear

Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

Keep in the back of your minds that the Florida based architect listed on the proposed Lighthouse Point development brochure has LEED certification on his web site, and I have been assured that a true LEED architect would NOT design such an environmentally destructive project. I almost wrote him a nasty architect-to-architect letter but I cooled off. But pressure could be brought to bear...

Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

the upcoming homecoming festivities in Rock Sound is a great opportuntity to gauge the depth of local feeling abt this project, and i encourage those of you who are wintering in the area to attend some of the festivities just to get an idea of the local input, a good many people have no problem with this project,in point of fact most of the persons i've spoken to in Bannertown Town wish the L.B. project was already started.Not to confuse the 2,but they are very connected albeit with different funding.
my issue is with beach access, and the absolute need to preserve them is all, I do not object per se to development of the area,simply it should be sustainable and fit the location,what I see however is the tendency to expect a pristine condition in perpetuity,it just wont happen, our youth need work and govts. are elected to deliver.
be prepared as well, to stand up and be counted when time comes, i am in contact with an enviromental lawyer in Nassau,young guy, and well connected which is would we need,
at a suitable time a steering committee will be created and persons invited to lend their collective talents to this exercise.

Re: Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

If a devlopment must be done, it makes much more sense to place it north of the salt pond, leave ALL of the beaches, dunes and immediate LP beach lands alone, and have improved trails into the Lighthouse Point area. It makes NO sense to plop the golf course, condos, hotel, boutiques, etc. on top of the dune areas as they have designed. That's like paving the Grand Canyon to have parking to see the Grand Canyon.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

I think also all the developments on Eleuthera has to be looked at re sales and if they are successful???

Okay you give jobs to build and thats over... then if the people come you have maid service and lawn and what Else...

Princess cay they got a lot of land the Cruise ship. how has it helped the area???? i believe they did get lights in town and what else???? some have trinket stands...are they from that area that own thoses stands???? after all these yrs have you seen any difference in that town.. I dont..

So in comes this development and they as you see in their booklet are self contained...This man is going to come in with HIS people has done that before.. Club Med comes in with their people..all french..

People with money dont want small condos they might go to Royal Island how is that doing????

This is a jewel of Eleuthera it cant be distroyed..
It needs to be a Park... and leave it alone let it be natural...that whats so special about it..Many Bahamaian that i have talked to have never been..and its out of their view ...so why be concerned..

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

They need education.... not just work.... thats what is needed... electricians and plumbers they need to go to school.. and Hotel Management... Now there is this Lionfish problem....it will distroy the fishing industry.. The government might need people in that.. tournments

Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

I wish he would have been around when all the Mangroves were distroyed in Bimini home of the breeding grounds of the lemon shark... Here we go again.. The developer Promised that HE was going to watch all that and RIPPED all out.I believe its in the courts but its TOOOOOO late..

Does Perez also own the whiteland beach is that more Property???? and hes blocking the beach ... See he does what he wants also has.. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH POWER HERE..

Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

Right, you are NOT going to change things; money talks, and government listens.

BUT, government also listens to squeaky wheels, like citizen groups, and environmentalists, as long as they are organized. They will NOT listen to individuals voicing their opinions, not matter how strong.

The best outcome, as I have said before, is for watchdog groups to have the developers PUT IN WRITING how they will build responsibly, with an eye to preserving the environment, and preserving access to the beaches. THIS HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE THE SHOVEL HITS THE EARTH.

As in Bimini, all sorts of promises were made, which the developer did not keep, as far as I understand.

So, you have to have committees WATCHdog the project, and scream if there are any violations.

good luck lloyd


Re: Re: Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

So each island is on its own... There has to be other ways to provide work for the youth besides the developments.. What happened to the Chicken Farms.... the government wont sponser that??? Farming is OUT ?? I hear they dont want to work the farms.... Pineapples are out??? So you bring in all this development and the island changes the kids chance they want the ipod.... I guess you are right

Re: Lighthouse Point, and whitelands beach

If you really want to save Lighthouse Beach, you really might want to try and get someone like Lenny Kravitz to attach his name to the movement. It is done all the time in the states, and when a star speaks, so many people listen. It's even more powerful than money.