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Re: Time for Change

Try enlisting "Momma" for your cause, that person will do wonders for your tourism. NOT!

Re: Time for Change

Now Shortie, you just took his/her bait, you got hooked and you allowed yourself to be injured by negative, impersonal, annoymous words. Unfortunately, you perceived that we all don't see through someone who isn't worth your upset or worry.

All people are not good but certainly all people are not bad. I assume, because I choose to, that most, if not all folks who visit Eleuthera are good, well intentioned and do not fall into a stereotype.

A roller coaster in an amusement park can be fun but the ups and down of our comfort zones i.e. our well intented blogs, our money, our reputation, our affiliations, etc. are not fun.

That's my point, it is all very personal. When we come here we should encourage each other, cheer things along. The good that most people possess will catch on and turn things around.

It's not a matter of nationality, it's a matter of perception -- when here I've never ran into anyone from Canada to France to D.R. to Haiti who made it not worth returning to, who made it not worth the expense -- my reality hasn't ever been tarnished.

Perceive that it doesn't matter where you come from --just come, enjoy your reality.......and yes, it's personal to me. And it's worth it.