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crime @ lighthouse beach

I just got back from lighthouse beach and something strange happened. I parked near the lighthouse right before the steep hill for an hour or so while we walked around the beautiful point. Before I left I locked the doors to my car with the remote/clicker which also set the standard honking alarm. However, my tailgate lock is broken so if you open the tailgate it will open but the car begins honking loudly.

When i came back my tailgate was wide open. I ran towards the car and found all of our valuables (purse, iPhone, wallet) were still safe but very visible on the center console & cupholders. The horn was not honking.

As we left, maybe 1/2 mile down the road I saw what would appear to be a local walking ahead of us in the road. As soon as he turned around and saw us he dashed into the bush and as I passed i saw no sign of him.

What I believe happened:
He saw the valuables in the car and tried to open the doors. Which were locked. As a final attempt, he opened the tailgate with the intention of climbing through from the back but when the horn began honking loudly he left startled. By the time I got there horn was no longer honking because it shuts off after about 5 minutes of honking. He was nervous that either we saw him or somebody else saw him and he thought I would be looking for him. The The weird thing was there were tourists all around who didn't seem to see anything.

Anyway, I feel very lucky but also quite stupid for leaving valuables in plain sight. Like many people here i feel this island is very safe but be careful.

Has anybody else had a similar experience at lighthouse?

Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

Everytihing is changing you dont even know if this was a bahamaian.... When we go we leave nothing in the car..if this is going on then they can rob you of yr things if you are in the water and left yr items on the beach it happens all the time In Fla.

This NEVER happened before./.

Re: Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

lighthouse point was an out of the way place.. you needed a 4 wheel drive and somethings you had to hack yr way in it was great..

Now its easy and toursit go so with that come the bad people.. and they know now its a toursit place.

In Florida they slid close to yr things grab and run..

Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

I've had similar experiences, but not at lighthouse. Sometimes you feel so safe on the island you do dumb things like leave valuables in an unlocked car - that's what happened to someone in our party and as luck would have it someone came along and relieved them of all their cash from the wallets and purses - but left behind the credit cards, licenses etc - thankfully.

This was near club med beach

Re: Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

Not that many places use credit cards ... they have no need for them..

Club med yes i can see it... they grab and run.. they have a good runaway path..even in a locked car... times have changed..40 yrs later we now lock our house all the way...never had to do that before we have had two friends robbed... of many Many things from their house...

When you have big holidays like pineapple fest people bring their cars over and I was told They wait to see when you leave and then go in..Be safe

Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

I posted a couple of weeks ago about getting our backpack stolen from the back of our Tracker at Sunset Inn. My fault as I left it in the back seat but its still a shame these things are going on. Not sure if crime is on the rise or if people are just talking about it more. Eleuthera is such a special place, the locals don't need the "bad press". Lets hope the crime is not a new trend. We have enough of that here in the US.

Re: Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

This has been happening for years. Happened to me back in about 1990. Left door to house unlocked. Someone stole my watch and my cash which was hidden in a drawer. Also took a couple of beers from the fridge! It is not just Eleu or Bahamas, but any place where tourists go. If you are careful and smart about it and take minor preventive steps, easy to avoid. Fortunately, this is non-violent, petty theft.

BTW, got my watch back when the police caught the guy on an unrelated charge about four months later and the dummy was wearing it. Moral: always good to report to polic.

Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

Unsolicited advice, for consideration:

Among the many things you generally don't need at the beach are a wallet and a purse. Leave those locked up at home. Stuff some cash in the zipper pocket of your bathing suit. Worst case, it gets a little wet. It'll dry ... and it'll still spend.

A cell phone is good to have. If you can't lock it in a glovebox, take it with you. Put that and whatever else you need in a light daypack.

Then, leave the car *open*, not locked. That way some moron won't smash a window, which usually costs more to replace than whatever they stole. I once had somebody in the US smash a $150 window to steal half a handful of small change. Grrr.

Just leave the keys with the car, lightly hidden if you like. People don't steal cars here as they have nowhere to go without getting caught. (Except those "hot-wire" teens at Point a couple of months ago. And, of course, they got caught.)

Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

some one came to me to unlock an i phone which i thought was very strange cause the person never had one before, and he is known as a thief

Re: Re: crime @ lighthouse beach

Lots of them and now the kids want their toys so tell the police just to look after him...and put the fear of God in Him.. maybe hell change