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Re: Fruits and Veggies

Wowsers! Fresh Local Pineapple!

Jo - Thanks so much for the valuable info, it's so great to know a fellow Montrealer was so recently there. We are staying in Governor's Harbor, close to Club Med Beach. How far would the fellow be that was open on Christmas from where we are. We are renting a car so we do have mobility.

I guess it's nice the first two days are holiday's - we'll get to decompress faster

Re: Re: Fruits and Veggies

Wesley Johnson's store is in the town of Lower Bogue which is about an hour north of you, the other side of Glass Window bridge. A bit of a drive for groceries. He is a small shop - a depanneur with produce as mentioned, frozen meat, canned goods etc. You can probably find a similiar shop open in Governor's, Palmetto Point or even Rock Sound which has a good size grocery store. Have a wonderful trip.

Re: Fruits and Veggies

Thanks so much for all the info. Just wanted to know - how available is coconut oil on the island?