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Hi all

This is an URGENT call for volunteers to help with the Lutra/Neuter II program for this Firday and Saturday. We have two days to go for Tarpum Bay and Weymss’ Bight but, not unexpectedly, all volunteers have pretty much reached burnout so we have none for today and tomorrow.

Up to Thursday evening we had fixed over 100 animals and need your help to beat the last years total of 128.

If you can please help for just an hour it would make such a big difference!

The remaining schedule is:
Friday 27th March, 9am-4pm:
Tarpon Bay – at the Fire Station.

Friday 27th March, 5pm-8pm, and Saturday 28th March, 8am-4pm:
Weymss’ Bight – at the Weymss’ Bight Animal Clinic

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who have helped out so far.