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Insist that your caretaker AND your guests take the meter reading at the time of their arrival...don't tell them that you are asking for a double reading. Alot them only so many KWH during their stay!, Tell them that they will not get their security/damage deposit for 45 days from the time of their departure. It sure beats them leaving the "bedroom only" AC on during the day so they can cool the "whole house" Also, there are switches that you can install on the door jambs that shut the A/C off if the doors/windows are open. Make sure that your guests KNOW EXCLUSIVELY that living on an island is expensive and those epenses are passed directly on to them. Also, ask them where they can go within 55 minutes from the US mainland and have such a diverse cultural and environmental experience. It is worth the time and effort.


How bout this. Quit yer ******* and don't rent your place if all you think about your guests is that they are a big pain in the ass.


wouldn't taking a reading before and after their visit and taking it out of their deposit work? You can compare it to how much electricity you use for a week you're there. Than you miltiply by difference by how much you get charged for KWhr, and that's how much they owe. I'd have it all in the contract tho.


As a renter (a respectful one at that, that treats each home I rent as good or better than my own), I would be fully on board with a pre- and post- meter reading, and a reasonable charge for electricity used...as long as it was clear up front.

Since I tend to conserve even when I am renting someone elses house, I hate to think I am paying more for my rental to make up for other folks that waste all they can. Charge the folks more that costs more, and charge the folks less, that conserve.


I am curious however, how much is a typical electric bill for a 3 or 4 bedroom house, that is rented all month in the summer? how about the winter?


3 acs 3 weeks last summer $400 ...

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From what i have seen ... Its cool and people use celing fans.. and some use the AC even thou its cool...

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Why people come to the Bahamas and live in Ac in winter.... Its so wonderful to open the windows and get the breeze and hear the ocean..Even in summer we use the ceiling fans and its just great... we still get the breeze.. but we rent not on the beach lots of no seeums... but on a bluff we still get breezes even in summer..