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Re: Fabulous finds on Eleuthera

I found Eleuthera to be the most beautiful place I've ever seen with the water so blue I cried when I had to leave it. The snorkeling was great. Diving in S.Eleuthera and seing "the Wall" and reef. The nice people, the local food, the lack of neon and touristy junk. Everthing about the place was magical to me.Imagine a place safe to pick up hitchhikers! It was a treasure hunt to find all the little restaurants and groceries. Who needs pavement or air-conditioning! You have pink sand, the caribbean & the ocean! And I did love the laughing lizard they sell some great sauces... and Clyde was so nice at the Island Farm! Fish fry on beach in GH was a blast!

Re: Fabulous finds on Eleuthera

I am so loving all of these posts. We will be on Eleuthera in two days! I can hardly believe it!