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Re: Composite materials

Jeri...to answer your question, yes composite materials have improved a lot. They certainly come in more colors and look more like real wood. In the summer of 2000 I built our deck at home using a product called PolyLumber. It is 100% plastic (I forget what % is recycled), and looks like tongue-groove cedar planks. It was more expensive than wood, and I had to have my bracing at 12" centers, but I don't have any problems with splinters, I don't have to stain it, and it has a 25 year warranty.

Two downsides--it can get a little hot on bare feet in the summer and it can be slippery when wet.


Re: Re: Composite materials

Thanks Doug and Aquaclear for more information. I will consider it again when the decks need to be completely replaced. Still a bit concerned about the slippery surface when wet but not having warped or splintered wood may offset that concern, not to mention the maintenance issue!