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Gas Operated Washers & Dryers

Can anyone give some additional info on gas operated appliances? And where can I purchase them for a reasonable price?

I called a popular Appliance Store in Nassau, and the sales agent said he never heard of such a thing.

Re: Gas Operated Washers & Dryers

Just a bit of advise on buying items like you speak of in the Bahamas.
Keep it simple is the right approach as things like gas washers and dryer are items that can't be fixed in the Bahamas if they need servicing as no one knows how to repair them nor would have the parts to do so.
Keeping it simple is the best approach to appliances and costs of maintaining them in the Bahamas as far as I am concerned.


Re: Re: Gas Operated Washers & Dryers

I have a gas stove and love it but know someone else who cant get hers to operate properly. Mine took awhile to get to work properly after several installation issues. This was not an easy process. My washer and dryer are electric. They are the front loading washer and energy efficent kind. Its worth the money for energy and water savings, rather than trying something that may not work or be able to be installed properly.

Wash Tubs & Clotheslines Never Fail

Talking about keeping it simple? Nothing beats the clothesline and washtub. When's the last time you saw a washtub with a bad timer? If you really want the island lifestyle then don't bring it all with you. Rough it a little bit!

Re: Wash Tubs & Clotheslines Never Fail

Lowes and Home Depot can get propane appliances but they have to be special ordered. Also, check RV suppliers (online). They have a lot of cook-top stoves. I found propane refrigerators, etc. on the web. I, myself, am thinking about switching to electric and installing a windmill!

Re: dryers. I just dont' see the need for one of those so use the clothesline.

Re: Re: Wash Tubs & Clotheslines Never Fail

We have purchased quite a number of appliances in the states and found Fred from the Mermaid Depot was easily able to repair them. He repaired a washer, dishwasher and a big GE fridge and all are fine. When the fridge broke we were upset as it was expensive but we called GE in the US and they said they had only one certified GE repairman in the Bahamas, it was Fred! Have also recently heard if you buy appliances from his shop he has some sort of service contract or will be able to fix them if need be. The constant power outages are the cause of many problems for hot water heaters and other electric appliances, plus lightening.We highly recommend Fred for repairs, he is a lovely person.

appliance purchase

Where is the best place to purchase a freezer on eluethera thanks