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plesey 2282A Repairs//or Parts
Hello and Regards to All!

I am seeking some assistance with a 'Problem' PLESSEY RADIO RECEIVER, MODEL 2282A. Looking for someone who could work on it or 'Trouble Shoot' it, or better yet; has some moduels to swap and try, or for Sale. Radio is Dead on some Freqs., works on others, and some other possible Issues. I have been told it may have some bad Caps. and Relays on a Band Pass Filter Board. I have no way to trouble shoot it, nor the out of main frame 'Test Cables' for bench checking individual moduels. Some moduels to swap out with mine and try, would be 'great'. Or Purchase; if known Good? My understanding is that there were some of these Radios floating around in Canada, a few years back? This is a circa 1986 Radio. I have full Repro. Repair Manuals and Prints for the set including Parts Lists. Can anyone Assist or make suggestions, I could try?

Thank you, very much.

John // ARS K9JII


Posted: Wed, 1 Apr. 2015
Expires: Fri, 10 Jul. 2015
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New 2015 Production C32A Power Supp
Hello: All
I have sourced a Canadian Capacitor manufacture who will produce a new drop in replacement 32 Mfd power supply capacitor. Circuit ref: C32A New Part # PC-67192-191-PB. 32-36 Mfd x 450 vdc with 01.9 or less DF and current leackage at 450 vdc at 40-60 micro amps after 5 minutes. Size 2.0" x 4.125" aluminum can with solder terminals. Order date Mar 10 2015. $ 45.99 CDN plus shipping . If interested email before the order date with qty. Regards. Paul Brooks 98 Monsarrat Cres. London Ontario. N5Y4Y8

Posted: Tue, 24 Feb. 2015
Expires: Thu, 4 Jun. 2015
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Seek an Outstanding Glazier
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Posted: Tue, 17 Feb. 2015
Expires: Thu, 28 May. 2015
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