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The Wireless Set No. 19 QSO Room

Welcome to The Wireless Set No. 19 QSO Room!

You arrived here from VE3BDB's WS#19 site. This private chat area is presented to allow REAL TIME contact between or among vintage military radio enthusiasts, particularly those who are normally unable to have such contact by other means (e.g. radio).

When the window appears below, enter your Amateur Radio callsign and/or your first name where it says 'Your Name'.
In 'Profile', you may enter brief info, such as your location, email address, etc.
Now click the button labeled 'CHAT!'.
This takes you into The Wireless Set No. 19 QSO Room. It's quite easy to use. Pull-down menues at the top of the QSO room provide more info.

See you there!

73...and CHIRP CHIRP!

(IP Addresses are recorded by the chat room server. Please report any misuse of this area to Bob at

Sorry, you don't have the Java plugin necessary to operate this chat room. Please click on the link to download it Get Java Plugin

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